Dopey: On the Dark Comedy of Drug Addiction

Dopey 285: The Bombastic Dopey with Ryan Leone, Prison, Heroin, Dealing, Hollywood

March 5, 2021

This week on Dopey! If you missed the full on, hard core Dopey, don't fret, because this week is wall to wall debauchery with author, ex-con, recovering drug addict Ryan Leone. When we say no stone is unturned, believe that! Listen to Ryan's insane addict journey from a boyhood on Adderall, to teen years on weed accelerated to crack, heroin and everything else. And how he stumbled into high stakes drug dealing, and serving some serious time in prison. Ryan now is an accomplished memoirist, novelist and Youtuber with many, many exciting projects in the works! All that and a whole lot more onĀ  an OPUS Sized, action packed, pimped out special deluxe episode of Dopey!

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