Dopey: On the Dark Comedy of Drug Addiction

Dopey 243: Wicked Fiah Summah! w/ Jennifer Gimenez and Jeremy, Coke, Heroin, Booze, Recovery

June 13, 2020

This week on Dopey! We reflect on a historic day in Dopey history which is 100 episodes without Chris and 2 years to the day of Todd's tragic overdose and death. We are joined by actress, model and amazing example of recovery and debauchery, Jennifer Gimenez. She brings another level of Dopey to our little show. We hear all about her humble Argentinian beginnings, her rise to fame in Hollywood and how addiction almost destroyed her, before she found recovery. Now with 14 plus years she is doing great things for addicts. Also we are joined by Dave's old friend Jeremy and we hear a reenactment of a horrible script they wrote high in 1999. All that, plus a killer Dopey voicemail, a beautiful email and a letter that accuses Dave of animal cruelty. It's the beginning of a wicked fiah summah that should prove to be a skaw-cha! 

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