Dopey85: Sobriety, Online Dating, “Hoop the Shooter,” Milk, Lower East Side, Bumble, Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel

June 17, 2017

Dave and Chris talk about the blessings of sobriety, Chris shares about dating sober, online dating, and communicating with the dopey nation, we play a voice memo from Milk ("fuck the haters"), and Chris plays a recording from a sober homeless man (Mike) from the Lower East Side. Lastly, we talk about "hooping the shooter" - which is too taboo to write about here. 


Dopey84: Fentanyl, Weetabix, DXM, Stealing Cookies, CVS, Predators in AA/NA, Ketamine

June 10, 2017

Todd calls in and tells us about the time he overdosed on fentanyl in an aisle in CVS, Chris talks about puking in an aisle in CVS because he saw a bottle of Robitussin Maximum Strength Cough, Chris talks about getting caught shooting up in CVS, Dave talks about stealing cookies from CVS, and Dave talks about buying syringes from CVS. We read an email from Gabby in Australia about predators in AA/NA ("dicks flying at me from all angles"). We play a voice memo from long-time listener, Christina, who tells us quite the story about shooting meth and ketamine south of the equator. 


Dopey83: Lillo Brancato Jr, Heroin in Prison, Stealing from Veterinarian, Nick Reiner, Cocaine Overdose

June 3, 2017

Lillo Brancato Jr. (Sopranos, A Bronx Tale) calls in and tells us about the time he overdosed in prison and how he subsequently got clean a few days later. We play a very articulate voice memo from long time listener and lovely southern belle, Leah. She tell us how she used to steal medication from the veterinarian and about how she got sober. We call Nick Reiner.... and he answers... while partying at the swanky Chateau Marmont. Dave talks about "relax-o" (xanax). Chris retells a story about a horrific cocaine overdose.


Dopey82: DMT, Rejection, Homeless, Oreos, Dopey Theme Song, Romance and Finance

May 27, 2017

Chris shares about a recent heartbreak. We play a voice message from a man who threw a bunch of DMT out the window. Dave relishes in the origins of Chris' defunt podcast "Lonely Space." We play a voice memo from a homeless man. We also play the first submission for the "Dopey Theme Song Contest." Dave tries to farm out the Dopey twitter account for the millionth time. We discuss advertising strategies for the Oreo cookie. 


Dopey81: Shooting cocaine, Ketamine, Dopey theme song, Flaming couch, Kensington

May 20, 2017

Dave shares the story of the time he lit his couch on fire while nodding out and threw the flaming cushions outside his apartment window. Chris talks about licking his gross microwave after he coated it with ketamine accidently. We read an email about reviving a person by injecting cocaine. Dave plays some new songs - specifically "Hole in my Heart." Chris recounts his fascination with the phrase "i'll be asleep" and the word "obviously" while tripping. And we read an excerpt from Artie Lange's book "Crash and Burn."


Dopey80: Carl Jung, Big Book, William James, Telazol, Alcoholics Anonymous, Heroin Spit, Rowland Hazard, Bill Wilson, Spirituality

May 13, 2017

Chris nerds out about Carl Jung, William James, and the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Dave talks about spiritual experiences. Chris shares a story about the time he injected a random medication - telazol - that is used to knock out animals. We play an amazing voice memo from Demeter in New Zealand, and read an email from Kaitlin in Albany about trying to shoot heroin mixed with saliva. 


Dopey79: Tdub, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, Hallucinogenics, Shamanism

May 7, 2017

Chris' sponsor's sponsor (grandsponsor), Tim, calls into the show and talks about Dopey's place in the treatment world, shamanism, hallucinogenics in recovery, and also tells a few stories from his using days. One such story involves Tim emerging from the woods at a campire... while holding an axe and telling the campers that he didnt know if he was the "Angel of Death" or the "Angel of Life." Dave talks about his recent encounter with Jamie Lee Curtis, who agreed to be on Dopey and then cancelled when she learned more about the show's format. Lastly, Dave gets peeved by a recent review. 


Dopey78: Narcan, Antabuse, Random Guy High on the Street, Robbing Diamonds, Carl’s Jr, Overdose

April 29, 2017

Dave plays a recording from a person he bumped into on the street (at 7am) who was high on cocaine and trying to get a call girl. Chris talks about the origins of antabuse and what its like to drink while on the medication.... and how he used to swap out the pills when his ex girlfriend administered them. We play a recording from Daniel about the time he stole diamonds to support his drug addiction... and then had a random little girl hid him in her backyard while the police were looking for him. Lastly, we read an amazing email from Rob about a time he overdosed and his dog scratched his back raw from trying to wake him up... and about a time he lost his drugs in the snow in Brooklyn... and crawled through slush for hours looking for them.


Dopey77: Most Pathetic Drug Use, Chris’ Sponsor - Dylan, Copping Drugs while Listening to Dopey, Artie Lange Addiction Saga

April 22, 2017

Dave and Chris delve into the most pathetic things they have done to get/use drugs... such as trying to inject cocaine using spit. Chris' sponor, Dylan, calls in and shares some gnarly stories and a sprinkling of recovery. We read an email from someone who listens to Dopey as he goes to buy drugs each morning. And Dave talks more about Artie Lange....


Dopey76: Crossfit Dave, Omar, SHAIR podcast, Cocaine Psychosis in Costa Rica, Overdose, Prank Phone Call

April 15, 2017

Dave and Chris reminisce and celebrate the life of their friend Dave (who was on Dopey) and recently passed away. Omar from the SHAIR podcast calls in and tells some crazy stories from his using days. One such story includes disrobing and throwing his clothes outside the window of his moving car while in the midst of a cocaine psychosis. Omar also tells us a bit about the online casino business, and tempers his crazy stories with some great recovery talk. 


Dopey75: Drinking Hairspray, Robbing Hotels, Stealing Jewelry, Methadone, Artie Lange Relapse

April 9, 2017

We talk about Artie Lange's recent arrest, Jed from C&OD calls in and tells us about the time he stole a bunch of drugs/money from a hotel he worked at, we play another voicemail from Tim from Philly about the time he stole a woman's wedding ring but couldn't outrun her, Dave plays his song "I don't wanna find out," and we play "Methadone" from Jon.


Dopey74: Shooting Meth, 40 Forgeries and 40 Felonies, Porn, Opiophile

April 2, 2017

We play an intense voice memo from Daniel about the first time he shot meth, Dave talks about some porn producers/stars he met at work, and Chris shares a funny story about his friend Ted who faked a testicle injury to get narcotics....


Dopey73: Jail Stories Pt. 2, Big Balls Lee, Bum Trip, Tommy the Fox, Orange County Jail, Antisemitism

March 26, 2017

Chris continues his jail stories, focusing primarily on the people he met while incarcerated - Big Balls Lee (a crazy man with huge testicles), Tommy the Fox (an OG - Original Gangster), and other various nefarious characters. Dave has a movie idea ("Bum Trip") and also gets a little riled up about the plight of the Jewish people. 


Dopey72: Drug Addicts in Psych Wards, Drug Dealers as Friends, Jesse, Methadone Clinic

March 19, 2017

Dave and Chris talk about a couple of their old drug dealers, Chris plays a portion of a podcast he was on several years ago, and Jesse calls in and tells us about being in the psych ward as a drug addict - specifically waking up and having another patient standing over him saying " error, error."


Dopey71: CLASSIC DOPEY, Shooting Cocaine, Hookers, Crack, Blood Clots, Syringe Malfunction, Rae

March 12, 2017

Dave and Chris get old-school Dopey in this classic episode. We start with a voice memo from Tim about shooting cocaine in the hood and receiving felatio from a freebase-dependent lady of the night (a crack ho). Then we painstakingly recount syringe malfunctions and our idiotic attempts not to lose drugs. Special guest Rae then calls in and tells us about bringing drugs across the Mexican border, and handcuffing herself to the radiator in her West Village apartment. O, yea, we talk about the 9th step a bit too. 


Dopey70: Dissociatives, Dave’s Job, Billy Baroo, Black and White Cookie, 3-MeO-PCE

March 4, 2017

Dave shares a story about a failed job oppotunity with a film producer, a fan calls in and tells us how Dopey has helped him get sober, and Cormac returns to the show to tell us about a bad experience with dissociatives, specifically 3-MeO-PCE.


Dopey69: Bob Forrest, Treatment Industry, Celebrity Rehab, John Belushi, Selling Meth, Thelonius Monster, Cathy Smith, Red Hot Chilli Peppers

February 25, 2017

Bob Forrest (Celebrity Rehab, Thelonius Monster) calls in and talks about the rehab industry, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and about the time he sold meth to Cathy Smith while she was on trial for John Belushi's death. He also shares some other depraved nuggets from his past, but you'll have to listen to catch those. Bob runs a hotline to help ANYONE get treatment, regardless of their financial/insurance situation: National Assessment Foundation - 1-888-494-9186


Dopey68: Piss Bottles, Nurdles, Dave Calls In, Crossfit, Huffing, Pepperidge Farm Remembers, Meth, Weed

February 19, 2017

A Dopey Nation member tells us about the time his friend huffed a fire extinguisher and he robbed his dying grandmother, Chris talks about pissing in bottles, Dave tells his nurdle story, and Dopey Nation Dave calls in and gets personal. 


Dopey67: Jail Stories Pt. 1, Southsiders, Woods, Paisanos, Dave’s Dad, Brothers, Surenos, Orange County Jail

February 11, 2017

Chris reflects on his intense experiences while incarcerated, Dave's dad calls in to critique dopey again and share his pretend arrest, and we read an email from someone who praises our intelligence - "I was seriously convinced that the amount of drugs you both used would have cut your IQ down by al least half."


Dopey66: Sopranos, Seinfeld, DUI, Ice Cream, Quantities of Heroin

February 4, 2017

Dave and Chris spend the first half of the episode painstakingly dissecting and clarifying their television and ice cream preferences. Dave plays a song about heroin: "Carmelita." Chris tells the story about the time he was the first person on the scene of a DUI where a person was killed. Lastly, we read an email from "C" about the time she blacked out and got her car stuck in a field. 


Dopey65: Weed Recovery, Chris’ Last High, High Sobriety, Artie Lange, Joe Schrank, LSD, Ecstasy, MDMA

January 30, 2017

Joe Schrank calls in and gives us an exclusive on his new rehab where patients are allowed to smoke weed, we talk about a recent Artie Lange interaction that went poorly, and Chris shares the details about the last time he got high.


Dopey64: Killer, Tyson, Cocaine & Heroin Mamba Jamba, Dating, Tinder

January 21, 2017

We share stories from our youth, Dave talks about his struggle quitting smoking, Dave criticizes Chris' romantic history, we talk about shooting cocaine and heroin simultaneously in seperate arms, Dave talks about interviewing Bob Weir when he was high (and only asking him about Jerry Garcia), and we play another voice memo from Steve in the UK about huffing and getting taken advantage of by an animal. 


Dopey63: Chabad, Smuggling Drugs into Detox, Hidden Drugs, Hidden Piss, Meth

January 15, 2017

Dave and Chris talk about Chabad, smuggling drugs into detox and rehab, hiding drugs and forgetting about them, and getting burned by dealers. Also we read an email from Adrienne about the time a stranger rescued her from getting a DUI, and play a cover of 'Good so Bad' by Adrienne and her husband. 


Dopey62: Alcohol and Heroin Withdrawals, Silk Road, 2CB at Chucky Cheese

January 7, 2017

Dave and Chris go old school in this late night, classic episode of Dopey. Topics include drinking while in rehab, using while in public detox, and the worst heroin and alcohol withdrawals. We also play a voice memo from "M" who tells us about an existential crisis he had while tripping on research chemicals during a birthday party at Chucky Cheese. 


Dopey61: Church and Other Drugs, Exorcism, Simulcast, Dramamine, DXM, Fatherhood

January 1, 2017

In this special episode of Dopey we collaborate with the new podcast "Church and Other Drugs." On the show we discuss the worst rehabs, God, fatherhood, tripping on Dramamine/DXM, hallucinogenics in sobriety, and recovery. Also, we read an email from Christina in Central America about an exorcism she received from an AA memeber (it didn't work).


Dopey60: Dave’s Dad, Addiction and the Family, Methadone, Detox, “Brick Wall of Pigs”

December 24, 2016

On our very Jewish Christmas special, Dave's dad comes on the show and gives us some insight about Dave's past. Also we read an email from a seasoned addict who has been through the ringer - specifically, he tells us a story about eating bags of dope in the back of a police van while on the way to jail. 


Dopey59: Straight Outta Rehab, Methadone, Step 3, Dopey Analysis, U.K.

December 17, 2016

In the new "Straigh Outta Rehab" segment, special guest Dave calls in a few days after treatment and tells us about the expereince and how he is doing. Then a man who only wishes to be referred to as "sir" calls in and critques Dopey. Lastly, we play an *amazing* voice memo from Steve in the U.K. entitled "Methadone Piss Vampires"


Dopey58: Addiction and the Family, Overdose in the Emergency Room, Recovery, Jail Stories, Phish, Artie Lange, Howard Stern

December 10, 2016

Scott calls in and tells us about the time he overdosed while working in the emergency room, his time spent in prison, a phish show, his recovery, and how his addiction effected his family. Also we tell a funny Artie Lange story, and read an email from Steve in the UK


Dopey57: Cult, Counterculture, Brother Julius, Mushroom Trip

December 3, 2016

Myron calls in and tells us about the counterculture movement, LSD, and the 21 years he spent in a cult in Connecticut. Also, we read a great email from a fan about the first time he tripped on mushrooms with his younger brother. 


Dopey56: Eastsyde, The Eastside Crackhead, Harlem, Cocaine, Crack, Pipe Dreams, Deadass, Bigtime

November 27, 2016

Eastsyde aka The Eastside Crackhead tells us about his using days in Harlem, his rap career, and his upcoming album, "Pipe Dreams." His most debaucherous story is about a crackhead who has a hole in her neck that Eastsyde may have considered penetrating when he was high. 


Dopey55: Craigslist Couch, Airport Blackout, Conspiracy Theory, Artie Lange, Artiequitter

November 20, 2016

Dave recounts years of drug use (and other behaviors) that occurred on the couch he just sold to to an unwitting Irishman from Craigslist. We read an email from Billy Baroo, who narrows down the search for Artie Lange. Chris tells the story of how he woke up in an Airport after a blackout. And lastly, we call Dave's friend Ryan - a conspiracy theorist - who believes Prince was ritually sacrificed and did not die of an overdose. 


Dopey54: Unemployment, Trailer Park, Drug Dealer, Todd

November 13, 2016

Todd calls in and tells us about how he nearly blew his chance to get unemployment because he was high. Also we read an email from a listener whose girlfriend tried to kill herself and then forgot about it the next day. 


Dopey53: Corey Feldman, Crack Hooker, High at Work, Artie Lange, Kenny Rogers, Alcoholism

November 6, 2016

Dave and Chris talk about getting high at work, Corey Feldman's performance on the Today Show, and a prostitute named Adina. Also Dave plays " The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers and we play a voice message by Eric.


Dopey52: Injecting Wellbutrin, Bad LSD Trip, “The Cage”, ER Visit, Nick Reiner, Rob Reiner

October 30, 2016

Nick Reiner returns to the show and tells us about his recent folly on the West 4th Street basketball courts ("The Cage"), about the time he injected Wellbutrin, and about the time when his dad, Rob Reiner, soothed him during a bad LSD trip. Also, we play a listener-submitted song from Cormac.


Dopey51: Gay Cruise, Martha Stewart, Early Recovery, Drugs on a Plane, Percodan, Percocet

October 23, 2016

Special guest Todd tells us about the time he got drunk and fell off the 5th story of a cruise ship, about the time he was high on the Martha Stewart show, and about early recovery. Also we read an email from a listener who blacked out on a plane and terrified the passengers next to him.


Dopey50: Dave Gives Up, Phenobarbital, Boston, Flesh-n-Bone

October 16, 2016

Dave gets tired and surrenders control to Chris... who then plays some truly horrible music and ruins the 50th Episode. Chris also shares the story about how he got drunk, took a bus to Harlem from Boston, and lost everything.


Dopey49: Scary Homeless Man, Buying Heroin with a Wig, LES

October 9, 2016

Dave describes his recent confrontation with Ezra, a local homeless man. Also we read an email from a listener who got pulled over by the cops with a wig on while buying dope. 


Dopey48: Vipassana, Reddit, Beats

October 2, 2016

Musical talent Jon lays down beats, we talk about the opiate subreddit, and Chris shares his experience on a Vipassana meditation retreat, Special Guest: Jon


Dopey47: Tattoo Stories

September 25, 2016

Crazy, Drug-Fueled Tattoo Stories, Special Guest: Ryan Roi of Dukkha Tattoo


Dopey46: Golf Cart DUI

September 18, 2016

Sleeping with Strangers and the Golf Cart DUI, Special Guests: Kaitlyn and Collin


Dopey45(Part Two): Shooting Crack, Homelessness, Nick Reiner

September 11, 2016

Nick Reiner gets Dopey on Dopey, telling us about choosing homelessness over rehab, shooting crack in a public bathroom, and his 1st heroin experience


Dopey45(Part One): Alina Lodge, Being Charlie, Nick Reiner

September 11, 2016

Nick Reiner talks about his recent movie, shares his views on addiction, and tells us about the time he spent in one of the country's strictest rehabs


Dopey44: Structure, Drug Songs, Dope

September 4, 2016

The "Structured" Episode - Our Feeble Attempt to Change Dopey's Format Fails Miserably


Dopey43: Noah Levine, Jail, Meditation

August 28, 2016

Noah Levine (Dharma Punx, Refuge Recovery) gets Dopey on Dopey. In addition to stories about prepubescent psychedelic use, robberies, and jail, Noah talks about meditation, his early childhood, and life as a parent. 


Dopey42: LSD, Overdose, Pugs

August 21, 2016

Pugs on LSD and a Listener Overdose Story, Special Guest: Devan


Dopey41: Bipolar, Intravenous Drugs, Psych Ward

August 14, 2016

Bipolar Stories, "Intravenous Drug Use is My Bread and Butter", and a Call in from Jon


Dopey40: Drug Dreams

August 7, 2016

Drug Dreams while Active and Clean


Dopey39: Cocaine, Seizure, Singing

July 31, 2016

The Garbage Bag Full of Cocaine, Dog Seizure, Baby Back Ribs, and Lion King Story


Dopey38: Kosher Weed, Bank Robber, Comedian Modi

July 24, 2016

Comedian Modi Talks about Kosher Edibles for the Sabbath, Dave Finally Shares the Blue Cheese Story, and we Read an Email from a Convicted Bank Robber and Drug Trafficker, Special Guest: Modi!


Dopey37: Psychosis, Smuggling, Injecting Puddles, Jerry Garcia

July 17, 2016

Cocaine Psychosis, Smuggling Drugs on Vacation, Shooting Puddle Water, and a Jerry Garcia Story