Dopey 178: Beautiful Boy writer David Sheff, Jeremy Turner, Meth, Heroin, Crack, Recovery

March 16, 2019

After years of trying to get him, Beautiful Boy author, David Sheff finally calls into Dopey. Also Dopey Nation master voicemail maker, Jeremy Turner calls in on the night before he goes to rehab. Plus new voicemails, emails, a new amazing Dopey tune by Jake from West Virginia and much, much more on an unbelievably special episode of Dopey. 

Dopey 177: Darren Prince & Amy Dresner; Ring Worm, Magic Johnson, Pills, Phish

March 9, 2019

This week on Dopey we hear from 'Super Agent' Darren Prince and his journey from baseball card mastermind to representing legends like Magic Johnson, Dennis Rodman, Chevy Chase and more. And the fateful night he began his spiral into extreme opioid addiction. Then super Dope, and author of debaucherous memoir My Fair Junkie, Amy Dresner returns to discuss her latest issues and kick it around on an extremely special episode of Dopey.

Dopey 176: Seriously Dopey with Dr. Drew and Tracey Helton.

March 2, 2019

This week on Dopey we return to the Upper West Side of Manhattan to the luxurious penthouse apartment of Dr. Drew Pinsky. There we learn the 'Origin of Dr. Drew' to find out what makes Dr. Drew tick. We also kick the dopey around with huge gaged needles, crack, fake heroin and a glorious return of 'The Narcan Queen' Tracey Helton Mitchell as she celebrates 21 years in recovery. All that and more on a seriously super duper special episode of Dopey. 

Dopey Episode 175 - Dave’s old friend Robbie. ADD, Alcohol, adderall, Heroin, Methadone, Death, Recovery

February 23, 2019

This week Dave's old and dear friend Roberto joins us on the show for some laughs, memories and insights. We hear the first time Dave blacked out and almost died from excessive vomiting.  We also hear about growing up in New York City, and living with a dear friend near death on heroin. Plus a voicemail from Jeremy Turner, emails and much more on an abnormally special episode of Dopey.

Dopey 174: Jamie Lee Curtis, Sam, Crack, Pills, Recovery, Heroin, Sick, Weed, Ecstacy

February 16, 2019

This week the great Jamie Lee Curtis finally calls in to talk a little about her own addiction, career and recovery! We hear from Sam and hear about his last crack binge, alcoholic relapse and update of when he will finally get out of the hospital. Plus Chopped and Screwed, ecstacy-laced voicemails with Cookie Crisp hallucinations, emails and more on a ridiculously special, special, special new Dopey. 

Dopey 173 - Bob Forrest, Aurora, Alan, Weed, Dope, Recovery, Booze, Vaping

February 9, 2019

Dopey Episode 173 is up! It's old home week on Dopey. The great Bob Forrest returns to the show to talk This American Life, Getting clean, shooting dope and suicidal tendencies. Aurora calls in to add her 2 cents, talk recovery and more. PLUS: SUPER SPECIAL Dopey Chopped & Screwed Episode 2: 'YOU'RE RUINING THE PODCAST' And finally Dave's Dad, Alan fails miserably at the stash word, but also talks of the rise and love of our little podcast and the tragic loss of our friends. All that and much, much more on a very, very, very special episode of Dopey. 

Dopey 172: More Dopey and the Family, Linda, Death, Heroin, Weed, This American Life

February 2, 2019

This week on Dopey we are graced with the presence of my beautiful partner-in-life Linda! We announce to the world that this weekend This American Life with Ira Glass covered Dopey for a very sad, yet beautiful piece. We hear a bit of old school Dopey on the new/old 'Dopey: Chopped and Screwed' . We have a social worker section with Linda and the Dopey Nation on when to tell children about our addiction. Plus fire voicemails, Magnolia upcake, 7-11 Brookies, cookies, Gumby, Pokey and more on a very, very special episode of Dopey...

Dopey 171: Dave’s oldest friend Dave, On growing up in NYC, betrayal, heroin, terrariums, weed, recovery.

January 26, 2019

This week on Dopey, Dave's oldest friend Dave comes on the show! They talk about growing up in NYC, and what it its like when your best friends start doing drugs when you don't. And ultimately what it's like to be betrayed by one of your closest friends. All that plus a super dopey voicemail from Hotwheels, emails and much much more on a very special episode of Dopey!

Dopey 170: Ashley Hamilton, Heroin, Dilaudid, Crack Recovery, Relapse, Scott Weiland

January 19, 2019

This week on Dopey we are joined by Hollywood royalty, the great Ashley Hamilton. We learn all about the dark side of Los Angeles, smoking crack with Scott Weiland, his first heroin, relapse, fatherhood, and his 33 stints in rehab. Plus emails, voicemails, the Dopey Nation and much, much more on a very very special episode of Dopey. 

Dopey 169: Chuk from Don’t Die, Aurora, Heroin, Coke, Meth, Recovery, Death, Addiction

January 11, 2019

In this weeks episode we are joined by Bob Forrest's Don't Die cohort Chuk Davis and learn of his past addiction and current recovery. We hear from Aurora on Japan, recovery and a bit on her 'Champagne phase'. Dave tells of an old Dopey chestnut. Plus Angry Emails, classic Dopey voicemail and much much more on an extra special tooth extracted, highly feverish episode of Dopey. 

Dopey 168 - Joe Schrank, Laurie Dhue, Linda, MAT, Sober House, Weed, Suboxone, Methadone Coke at the White House, Artie Lange

January 5, 2019

In the first show of 2019 we welcome back Remedy Recovery owner, friend of the show and all around big mouth, Joe Schrank. We hear his opinion on medicated assisted treatment and some of his remembrances of Chris. Like that time Chris tripped Ecstacy while managing Joe's sober loft in Brooklyn surrounded by bottles of clients urine. Then we hear from major Network News anchor Laurie Dhue. Laurie drops a little Dopey, like the time she was blowing lines before meeting George Bush at the White House. She also reflects on her many years in recovery. Lastly, but certainly not leastly, the vivacious, beautiful and brilliant Linda joins Dave. They talk about his recent and traumatic trip to the dentist for a dreaded tooth extraction, and on breaking the million downloads barrier. They also get into thoughts on New Years and we hear the latest in the Dopey saga that is Artie Lange. Plus reviews, a voicemail, a new, possibly worst installment of the Stash Word and much much more on the first Dopey Episode of the year. 

Dopey 167 - Acid, Weed, Heroin, Parenting, Relapse, Death, Mary Poppins, Jim, Jeremy, Alan

December 29, 2018

Dopey 167, 'A very Dopey New Years'. Jim and Jeremy return to Dopey to talk drugs, addiction, Todd, Chris, Dave and more. Jeremy recounts his famous 'smoking weed on the plane' story. Jim reminisces on past LSD and mushroom trips. They all remember Todd's life and tragic death. Jim psychoanalyzes Dave, there are voicemails, emails and reviews. Jeremy reviews Mary Poppins, Dave reviews Spiderman. Finally Alan comes in and a good time is had by all. Happy New Years Dopey Nation! Stay Strong and toodles!

A Very Dopey Christmas. The returns of Jay, Annie, Nick Reiner and Dave’s dad, Alan

December 22, 2018

On this very Dopey Christmas, old school dopey guest, indie rocker, and sober heroin addict, Jay returns to kick a little Dopey and a bit of recovery. We hear some classic tales of huffing computer cleaner, smoking crack in high school and shooting speedballs. We also reflect on Chris's death and hear from his beloved girlfriend Annie about how she is doing 5 months after his tragic death. Nick Reiner then begins gaying up the yule tied in the form of a seasons greetings phone call and an announcement that he is supposedly newly sober. And finally we hear some old school Dopey criticism form beloved Dopey contributor and Dave's dad, Alan. All that plus voicemails, Free Fallin', Amy Dressner, Bob Forrest  and more on a very Dopey Christmas.

Dopey 165: Killer Mike, Don, Justin, Heroin, shooting coke, Crack, Hip Hop, Trap Music, Buju Banton, Artie Lange

December 15, 2018

In this weeks edition of Dopey, southern rap superstar, barber shop impresario, civic leader and social activist Killer Mike calls in! He recalls his old crack selling days as well as his love of marijuana and passion for social justice. Also old school Dopey classic guest DJ aka Don returns to the show to talk about his crazy path in and out of addiction and recovery. We hear about his days shooting coke and heroin, recovery, relapse and back to recovery. Also Dave's friend Justin calls in to announce the prison release of dancehall reggae legend Buju Banton. Plus emails, voicemails and more on a very, very special episode of Dopey! 

Dopey 164: The Literary Episode. Anna David comes debaucherously clean and Anthony Bozza tells tales of Artie Lange, Slash, Tommy Lee and more.

December 8, 2018

This week on the Dopey Literary Episode, Anna David, author of 'Party Girl' calls in to talk about her book, addiction, and recovery. She tells a crazy ecstacy story and we play a new Dopey game, 'THE STASHWORD'. Then Anthony Bozza, co author wth Artie Lange, Slash, Mick Fleetwood, Tommy Lee and much much more. Plus crazy British OD voicemail, Forever In Debt and much more! On a very literary episode of Dopey...

Dopey 163 - A Very Dopey Chanukah Relapser Special part 1. Heroin, Alcohol, Rehab, Sober, Ecstacy, One Day at a Time

November 30, 2018

Anti Semites don't fear! The very Dopey Chanukah has very little Chanukah in it. Instead it's jam packed with recovery and Dopey! First Chris's grand sponsor, Tim Walsh returns to bring the Recovery! Tim talks about his drug addiction, his career around treatment, spirituality, holiday relapsing, outdoor adventuring and much much more. Then author, and champion of the show, Emily Sullivan calls in to bring the Dopey! She talks of of some crazy meth behavior; hiding in a tree to find drugs, holiday using, Andy Dick and her new book proposal. All that, Dave plays the theme song to One Day at a Time, crazy Dopey email and much, much more on a not-too-Jewish Dopey Chanukah Classic. (part 1)

Dopey 162 - The Dopey Thanksgiving Spectacular with Bob Forrest and Andy Dick!

November 23, 2018

Happy Fucking Thanksgiving Dopes! In a special Thanksgiving release in honor of gratitude, turkey and what not, here is the Dopey Thanksgiving Spectacular featuring the great Bob Forrest and Andy Dick! First Bob lays it down on gratitude, the brush fires that recently raged through California, his thoughts on Suboxone, his past on Methadone, lipstick lesbians, and a killer Steve Jones story. Then the hilarious and legendary ne'er do well Andy Dick graces us with a phone call where he tells of his dissatisfaction with recovery, his sex addiction, alcoholism, his love of hotel life, and an eerie GHB story that totally recalls our old friend Chris.  All this plus much much more on a very special Dopey Thanksgiving Spectacular!

Dopey 161 - Growing up Dopey and Other Tales, heroin, methadone, rehab, coke, AIDS, suicide, Vice

November 17, 2018

In the latest Dopey we hear from Dave's old friend Aurora and learn of her tumultuous childhood, her drug addiction and the road to her recovery. We also recap a bit on the Marc Maron episode, as well as some potential Christmas presents. Sam calls in to blast Dopesick Nation play a new dumb game and kick it around. Kamal leaves a voicemail, we hear about a psychedelic journey with Jake, a new tune, and much, much more on this weeks very special episode of Dopey! Excelsior!

Dopey 160 - Marc Maron on Dopey!

November 10, 2018

This week on Dopey, Marc Maron gets Dopey! We learn of his penchant for Jewish deli, his beginnings in comedy, drugs and alcohol. We hear about some of his finest interviews on WTF, his love of music and his humble beginnings on the lower east side. All that and much, much  more on an incredibly special episode of Dopey. Do it up!

Dopey 159 - A Dopey Marathon - Linda, Heroin, Overdosing on the Mississippi with Jeremy and Buzz, Weed, Marc Maron, Tim from Dank Recovery Memes, on selling organs, drugs and Recovery

November 5, 2018

Dopey 159 - In another 2 hour plus episode of Dopey we are once again joined by Dave's lovely partner, Linda to reminisce on some of the dumb things that Dave did to almost cost them their family. We hear an unbelievably amazing voicemail from Jeremy Turner and Buzz on overdosing on the Mississippi River. We discuss the nature of trust in a relationship with addicts and children. Fucking Marc Maron shows up on the street where Dave works, and joins Dave for breakfast. Tim from Dank Recovery Memes calls in to tell about how he tried to sell most of his organs. He also talks meme making, using, and most important his recovery. Maria leaves a celebratory voicemail, Forever in Debt and much much more on another extremely long episode of Dopey.

Dopey 158 - LOST EPISODE #2 (actual Dopey episode 4) - detox, rehab, heroin, private eye and The Howard Stern Show Story

November 2, 2018

For all the Dopey super fans out there here is the second 'Lost Episode' of Dopey. It was actually the 4th episode of Dopey where Dave and Chris  recount some old stories. Dave talks about his love of detox and rehab. Chris reveals his love for hospital stays and retells of his multiple tenures in treatment. Dave tells his private eye story and caps it off with his  epic story of sneaking onto The Howard Stern Show. 

Dopey 157: Wall to Wall Dopey. Sam, from Heroin to Crack, Methadone Minute: Sizzurp, Acid trip to bloody near Death, Brian’s Drug collection, goofballs and overdoses.

October 27, 2018

Wall to Wall Dopey. Dave's friend Sam returns on the phone and tells how he started his crippling crack addiction.  He also shares a horrible drunk driving tale, smashing his car into a cabin. Dave takes the temperature of the Dopey Nation on the potential of Dopey Con 2019. In a controversial Methadone Minute: we hear possibly the most horrible voice memo ever played on dopey all about the terrifying substance known as Sizzurp.   Dave reads his super shmaltzy Dopey speech award for the Enlighten Wellness Symposium. We play an amazing voicemail from Evan in Atlanta where he almost dies during a crazy acid trip. And finally Brian Unc Albert call in to catch us up on his recovery, his relapses, his drug collection and his latest overdose, where he was revived with 4 hits of Narcan. All that, plus the vestiges of the Vice feud and much, much more on a very long, yet special drug fueled episode of Dopey. 

Dopey 156: The Vice Wars: Dopesick Nation, Allie Severino, Vice, Viceland, relapse, Florida, Hotgirlfuckedbylife, Anal sex, poppy seed tea

October 20, 2018

In Episode 156, Dave's friends Jim and Greg return to finally delve into the story of the Viceland 'Dopesick Nation' contreversy. We hear from Sam and Alana aka 'Hot Girl Fucked By Life' and their take on the war with Dopesick Nation and Viceland. We also hear about Alana's sobriety and what it's like living in sobriety with people who aren't sober. We also actually hear from Alli Severino of Dopesick Nation, to hear her take on the feud. We also hear about her show, her recovery and hear a story from her using days. We also read a crazy email from Ace who tells some crazy stories of poppy seeed tea, getting high and seeking recovery. Also my dad tell's his famous 7-11 story, the future of the Othello cookie, Greg's freestyle and much, much more on this weeks Dopey!

Dopey 155: Dopey in Vice! Brian, Emily Sullivan, Needle love, Crack, heroin, Relapse, Crystal Meth, and more

October 13, 2018

In Episode 155, Brian aka the crackhead lawyer returns to the show to celebrate getting Dopey finally into Vice. It's all thanks to writer extrordinaire, Emily Sullivan, who comes on the show and talks of her love for needles, her children and how she came to write about Dopey. Dave tells about some possibly relapse-esque behavior. Jeremy Turner leaves a very Dopey Voicemail involving crack, crystal meth, prostitutes and his underwear. Brian gets super emotional about Chris, and Dave's dad pops in to say tootles. All that and much, much more, on a very special episode of Dopey.

Dopey 154: Finally an Actual Dopey Episode: Amy Dresner, Aurora, Nick Reiner

October 6, 2018

Finally an actual Dopey episode where a bunch of drug addicts in recovery talk about drugs, addiction, recovery and dumb shit. This week, Amy Dresner, author of My Fair Junkie makes her triumphant return to Dopey. Sharing some killer Dopey tales including seizing on a plane and doing coke in a cancer ward. Aurora in her stunning Dopey debut talks cocaine and God's will,  Nick Reiner eulogizes Chris on Don't Die: Sacramento. And much, much more on a finally dopey episode of Dopey.

Dopey 153: Jake Fogelnest, the Methadone Minute, Remembering Chris, Live Dopey, Rehab, People Watching

September 29, 2018

This week on Dopey we hear from talkshow host, comedian, tv writer, producer and showrunner Jake Fogelnest on his sobriety, career and history with Dave. We also hear from Hannah aka 'The Girl with the Dopey Tattoo' in front of the methadone clinic. Dave gives the Dopey News, we hear the latest on Artie, 'the feud' and much, much more on a very special episode of Dopey!

Dopey 152: DOPEY & The Family; Linda, destroying and saving a family, drinking, Coke, Xanax, Fire Kracker, Indio, and Loosey

September 22, 2018

Dave's partner Linda finally comes on the show to tell her side of Dopey. She also talks about her somewhat debaucherous past, reflects on Chris and Todd, and tells the story of meeting Dave and how their beautiful family got started under some very serious duress. Also we hear a sobering verse from the Fire Kracker out of Atlanta, a voicemail from Loose an a weird little bit from Dave's former dealer Indio. All on a very special episode of Dopey.

DOPEY 151: Steven Adler of Guns N Roses, ‘Dopesick Nation’ on Viceland, My Dad, MDMA, Daniel Herron, Phone Addiction and more…

September 15, 2018

This week Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Steven Adler does us the honor of calling in and bringing the Dopey; recounting his life in and out of Guns N Roses. My Dad pops in to address the new show on Viceland 'Dopesick Nation'. We also play some killer Dopey/Recovery voicemails and hear from the Oracle. Enjoy...

DOPEY 150: The Return of Brandon Novak aka Crazy Long Dopey, Dave’s friend Justin, Origin of Good so Bad, Ibogaine, Meth, Getting busted, Ska music, Mission to Canada and much, much more!

September 8, 2018

This week on possibly the longest Dopey episode ever, Dave's friend Justin joins Dave in Alan's kitchen to reminisce on Chris, Dopey, and how they co-wrote Good So Bad. Jeremy Turner sends in a crazy fire voicemail of uncontrolled meth and oxy feuled debauchery. Then best selling Author, pro skater turned heroin addict, Jackass Star turned inspirational speaker,  and so much more Brandon Novak calls in to kick the old school Dopey. Then Justin and Dave go over the classic Dopey Dave gets Ibogaine story. And much much more! Excelsior!

Dopey 149: Dutch Masters with my old friend Greg, International Overdose Awareness Day, Tracey Helton, Tim from Philly

September 1, 2018

This week on Dopey: Dave's old friend Greg stops in to talk about his 'dopeyish' play, 'Dutch Masters'. We recognize International Overdose Awareness Day with the 'Heroine of Heroin' Tracey Helton. We also play an important, yet troubling voicemail from Dopey regular, Tim from Philly. Enjoy!

Dopey 148: MTV Teen Mom Amber Portwood Calls In! Plus some classic Dopey bits and a voicemail from early recovery.

August 25, 2018

This week on Dopey:  MTV's Teen Mom star, Amber Portwood calls in to drop the Dopey with her stories of international stardom, overdoses, pill purchases, prison time and the beginning of her sobriety. We listen to a classic Dopey bit with Dave and Chris from the beginning of the podcast. And Andrew G, a founder of the Dopey Nation Facebook Group leaves a classic story of early recovery where he lost his cat in a hole in his wall. Plus Dave reads a heartwarming email from an Australian Dopey fan. Enjoy!

Dopey 147: The return of Nick Reiner, Jim and Alan

August 18, 2018

In the wake of Chris's tragic overdose, Dave seeks reinforcements to keep the Dopey ship afloat. Dave's friend from high school, Jim helps out by sitting in for the episode. Dopey OG, Nick Reiner calls in to share the story of his last cataclysmic heroin relapse,  his thoughts on Chris's passing,  and of course his meth feuled heart attack while flying from Los Angeles to Boston. Then Dave's dad Alan also shares his take on Chris, and the future of Dopey. Plus Scott Countryman calls in with a short Dopey oxycontin story and Jake, a fan, covers 'Good So Bad' 


August 16, 2018

Toodles Dopey Nation! Today is Chris's birthday, and it's the first year in celebrating the first Dopey holiday of Chrissmiss. It is of course, all in honor of how much we miss Chris.  So, to mark this special day I'm releasing the first 'lost episode' of Dopey. It was the second episode, called'The Siezure Story'. I know I've told this story on the show a bunch of times, but this was the first one. It is Dopey before Dopey was Dopey. It is a moment in time, it's certainly not the best, there is no recovery, but it captured a moment. So give it a listen, and let's remember our amazing friend Chris. Stay Strong Dopey Nation and Toodles! 

Dopey 145: Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest return to Dopey.

August 11, 2018

After Chris's wake and funeral Dave gets a hold of Bob Forrest and Dr. Drew to go over the details of Chris's overdose and death. Chris had been a client under both of their care many years ago, and they give their thoughts on the tragedy. Dave also reads a few emails, and plays a voicemail from long time Dopey listener and Reddit pioneer, Kormac.

Dopey 144: Remembering Chris

August 4, 2018

On the night after his wake, a bunch of Chris's closest friends and I got together at a shitty bed and breakfast to remember him. Kaitlyn, Alex, Collin, Ted, Tim, Dylan, Mark, Will and I all sat around telling mostly sober stories about Chris and the kind of person that he was. 

Dopey 143: Chris’s Tragic Overdose and Death.

July 28, 2018

In Episode 143 we try to make sense of the very end of Chris's life. Dave recounts the beginning and the end of Dopey, episode 142 and why he didn't know Chris was high. Chris's girlfriend Annie tells her story of living with Chris during the end of his life. And her theories on his relapse and tragic overdose. 

Dopey 142: Scatterbrained Dopey. Chris returns home late from a business trip and Dopey pays the price (sorry its late)

July 22, 2018

Chris returns home from a business trip and Dopey pays the price. We are all over the place on this one, relationship problems, spilling saved putrid urine, drugs we didn't take, praying Mantis's and so much more. This is not a DOPEY to miss!

Dopey141: Artie Lange Recap, Dave’s Day at Bed, Beth and Beyond, Concerns for Chris

July 14, 2018

Dave and Chris groom over the last episode with Artie Lange, specifically pondering about Artie's mental state and wellbeing. Dave recounts and questions Chris about a recent time he was concerned for him. Dave talks about his day at Bed, Bath, and Beyond which included talking to the manager. He read losts of emails.

Dopey140: Artie Lange on Dopey!!

July 7, 2018

This week on Dopey we finally land Artie Lange! And it was crazy Dopey! Artie talks about his meteoric rise to fame and fortune as a stand up comedian, TV star, and cohost on the greatest radio show of all time. He also talks about some of his worst stories of heroin, cocaine and gambling addiction. We hear all about his time on the Howard Stern Show and how his life was turned upside down with each new terrible bottom... offering up a new opportunity. Look for his new book "Wanna Bet" coming soon!!! 

Dopey139: Drug Court, Detox, Withdrawal, Kratom

June 30, 2018

"Unlce Albert" leaves a voice memo about using kratom while in drug court. We read a criticial email that accuses Dave of being apathetic. We discuss remedies to reduce withdrawal symptoms. Chris talks about injecting a random drug that was used to tranquilize animals. 

Dopey138: Remembering Todd

June 23, 2018

Beloved Dopey favorite and dear friend Todd died this week. In the wake of this tragedy, Dave recounts their friendship of over twenty five years. Stories include how Dave and Todd got started using heroin, their debaucherous exploits in NYC and LA, and Todd's unfortunate recent death. Todd's childhood friend, Vince, also calls in to tell us about Todd as a young man. 

Dopey137: Dopey Addresses Homophobia, Catholic Guilt versus Jewish Guilt, Booty Bumping Meth

June 16, 2018

We address recent accusations of homophobia and xenophobia. We ponder the differences between Catholic guilt and Jewish guilt. Alejandro leaves a voice memo about shooting meth, doing a "booty bump," and then seeing a "shadow person" named the "exhumed"... who was an incarnation of someone's deceased daughter. Dave talks about some recent celebrity encounters (and refusals to be on Dopey). 

Dopey136: Depression, Relapse, and Suicide: The Dark Side of Dopey

June 9, 2018

Dave and Chris talk about the recent passing of iconic and beloved Chef, Anthony Bourdain. This episode takes a somber walk through the difficult times of using and recovery. Long time listener Tina leaves a voice memo about her recent struggles and relapse. We also talk about being sick in sobriety, the ambivalence of getting clean after a relapse, isolation, and "chipping." 

Dopey135: Keistering Drugs, Anal Sex vs Oral Sex, Canadians, Dopey Dynamics

June 2, 2018

We talk about smuggling drugs into prison and the merits/drawbacks of giving/receiving anal sex vs oral sex. Dave gives a glimpse of the dynamics that drive Dopey. We talk about why we suck at advertising. Bill from Canada leaves a voice memo about hallucinogenics (ehhh?). 

Dopey134: Cocaine in Amsterdam, 12-Step Promises, New House, New Baby, Artie Lange, Prison Rape

May 26, 2018

Dave shares his gratitude for the positive changes in his life, including his new house and the birth of his second daughter. Dave also talks about what it was like when he was using, and how that impacted his family life. We play a voice memo from someone in Amsterdam about getting even after having cocaine stolen. Dave talks about a random encounter with Hannah at a meeting; Hannah was the first person to get the Dopey tattoo. We discuss prison rape. And lastly, we discuss a funny interaction with the legendary Artie Lange. 

Dopey133: Old School Dopey Drugs and Dumb Shit

May 19, 2018

Dave and Chris get down remotely and chop it up about drugs and dumb shit: meth, 12-step hackneyed lingo, reviews, yada yada. Im really lazy and dont want to write this description because im on vacation. O yea, we play a really funny voice memo about getting saved by Vitamin Water. 

Dopey132: Harris Wittels, Everything Is Horrible and Wonderful: A Tragicomic Memoir of Genius, Heroin, Love, and Loss, Stephanie Wittels Wachs, Andrew’s Mom

May 12, 2018

Stephanie Wittels Wachs calls in and tells us about her brother's drug use and death. Harris Wittels was best known being a writer and the executive producer for the T.V. show Parks and Recreation. Stephanie recently wrote a book about her brother's life - Everything Is Horrible and Wonderful: A Tragicomic Memoir of Genius, Heroin, Love, and Loss. After Stephanie, we call Hippy-Hobo Andrew's mom who tells us about the last few days of his life, and what it has been like dealing with his loss. 

Dopey131: Dead Meth Owl, Jessa Reed, Drinking Meth Piss, Shooting Meth in Neck, Goofballs, Mormon and the Meth-Head

May 5, 2018

Comedian Jessa Reed calls in and tells us all about her tweaker days. Stories include carrying a dead owl around for weeks and trying to breathe life into it via meth smoke, and drinking her own piss (repeatedly) because it had traces of methamphetamine. Jessa, a dopey hall-of-famer, also tells us how she finally got clean after a decade of pure debauchery. Check out Jessa's podcast, the Mormon and the Meth-Head. We play a voicememo from Korey about the time he shot a goofball and ran from the non-existant police for three hours straight and tore his MCL. Episode brought to you by the I Am Sober app, a great way to track your milestones in recovery. 

Dopey130: Dope Sick During Combat, Drug Addicts with Amnesia, Wetting the Bed Sober, Bill Murray

April 28, 2018

Combat vet Rob leaves a voicemail about the time he got dope sick (diarrhea) while he was under fire by enemy troops. Chris theorizes what would happen if a clean drug addict got amnesia. Dave and Chris reminisce about the best bathrooms they got high in. Dave talks about wetting the bed in sobriety. Dave makes up his own Leonard Cohan song. 

Dopey129: Chuck Negron, Exploding Dick, Three Dog Night, Wonderland Murders, Seconal

April 21, 2018

Chuck Negron of Three Dog Night calls in and talks about his using days and his recovery. He tells us about the time he had so much sex that his dick exploded, the time he stole Gregg Allman's watch to support his habit, buying 5000 Seconal, and the stroke of luck that helped him avoid the Wonderland murders. Chuck wraps up the episode with what it took to get clean after 37 rehabs, and an update with what he is doing with his life now. Check out his book, Three Dog Nightmare!