Dopey: On the Dark Comedy of Drug Addiction

Dopey 364: Ryan Leone Rest in Peace. Replay Show part 1.

July 6, 2022

This week on Dopey! We are putting out two Ryan Leone Replay episodes. This is the first time Ryan came on the show to promote his incredible novel, Wasting Talent. Ryan was an incredible writer, unabashed self promoter and crazy dreamer. He is survived by his parents, his fiance and his two young sons.

This was the original show description for this episode:

This week on Dopey! If you missed the full on, hard core Dopey, don't fret, because this week is wall to wall debauchery with author, ex-con, recovering drug addict Ryan Leone. When we say no stone is unturned, believe that! Listen to Ryan's insane addict journey from a boyhood on Adderall, to teen years on weed accelerated to crack, heroin and everything else. And how he stumbled into high stakes drug dealing, and serving some serious time in prison. Ryan now is an accomplished memoirist, novelist and Youtuber with many, many exciting projects in the works! All that and a whole lot more on  an OPUS Sized, action packed, pimped out special deluxe episode of Dopey! 

Rest in Peace Ryan! You will be missed! Palabra!


About Dopey:

Dopey Podcast is the world’s greatest podcast on drugs, addiction and dumb shit. Chris and I were two IV heroin addicts who loved to talk about all the coke we smoked, snorted and shot, all the pills we ate, smoked, all the weed we smoked and ate, all the booze we consumed and all the consequences we suffered. After making the show for 2 and a half years, Chris tragically relapsed and died from a fentanyl overdose. Dopey continued on, at first to mourn the horrible loss of Chris, but then to continue our mission - which was at its core, to keep addicts and alcoholics company. Whether to laugh at our time in rehab, or cry at the worst missteps we made, Dopey tells the truth about drugs, addiction and recovery. We continually mine the universe for stories rife with debauchery and highlight serious drug taking and alcoholism. We also examine different paths toward addiction recovery. We shine a light on harm reduction and medication assisted treatment. We talk with celebrities and nobodies and stockpile stories to be the greatest one stop shop podcast on all things drugs, addiction, recovery and comedy!


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