Dopey: On the Dark Comedy of Drug Addiction

Dopey 345: Dopey Down Under with Colin Hay, Jessica Kent, Alcohol, Heroin, Recovery

February 26, 2022

This week on Dopey! We are super excited to have three stellar guests on the show! First and foremost we have the award winning and smash hit singer/songwriter - Colin Hay! Colin is best known for his work as the front man and singer/songwriter behind the 1980's Australian phenomenon Men at Work. Colin candidly shares his story of fame, fortune and excess and tells us what he had to do in order to get sober. He also tells the crazy fallout from the smash hit 'Down Under'. Then Dave's Dad, Alan returns to the show to update the Dopey Nation and criticize Dave a bit. And finally we kick off our newest segment 'Behind the Dope with YouTube superstar Jessica Kent who drops a dopey tale of withdrawal and getting well on a GreyHound bus. All that and a tiny bit more on this week's edition of Dopey!

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