Dopey: On the Dark Comedy of Drug Addiction

Dopey 242: Power to the People with Dr. Nzinga Harrison and Bob Forrest, Heroin, Fentanyl, Race, Relapse, Riots, Covid, Recovery

June 6, 2020

This week on Dopey! Dave talks with Dr. Nzinga Harrison and Dopey great Bob Forrest to help make sense of this unprecedented, nonsensical time. PLUS we hear a crazy road tripping, stimulant taking story featuring Anthony from the Chili Peppers AND we celebrate the 45th anniversary of Dock Ellis's legendary psychedelic no hitter on LSD. Also Alan makes an appearance, complains as usual and reads a review. Dave shmaltzes it up for his birthday and much much much more on a brand new hitchhiking, cocaine injecting, protesting in the streets episode of Dopey!

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